We are on a Mission!

At Alamii Food, we are driven by the mission to nurture healthy snacking habit in children that will last until adulthood. We are all about providing that healthy and delicious snack kids will love and in turn creating a happier, healthier generation to pass along to the world.

Alamii Food was founded by a husband-and-wife team with two little children. They believe that building a holistic lifestyle starts at home. Your family‘s well-being is in our mind as we create our products. We hope you and your family will find them irresistible just as much as we do.

Our Promise

What we leave out is as important as what we put in our puffs.

We thoughtfully create products that Kids will love, using only the Best Ingredients
possible to give Parents the peace of mind they deserve.

Alamii Puffs

Made with selected rice, corn, and nourished with natural, quality ingredients,
with no nasties added, making them perfect yummy snack for your toddler / preschoolers and the whole family!

Where to Buy

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Alamii Food menghadirkan Alamii Puffs, snack sehat / cemilan sehat anak, terbuat dari bahan natural, premium, dan MPASI grade sehingga aman untuk anak-anak. Alamii Puffs tida di goreng dan dibuat tanpa menggunakan penguat rasa (No MSG), pewarna atau perasa sintetis, pemanis buatan, ataupun pengawet.

Snack kami hadir untuk mendampingi lifestyle Parents yang ingin menjalani hidup yang sehat dengan memberikan jajanan sehat dan lezat untuk anak dan keluarganya. Harga snack Alamii Puffs murah dan terjangkau, dan dapat dibeli di Baby Stores, Healthy Stores, Marketplace (Tokopedia dan Shopee), dan di Supermarket terdekat di kota-kota besar di Indonesia (Jakarta, Tangerang, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Medan, Lampung, Palembang, Jambi, Padang, Riau, Makassar, Palu, NTT, Ambon, Solo, Manado).

Alamii Puffs by Alamii Food, a healthy and yummy snack kids will love. We use natural and premium ingredients, making our snacks suitable for toddlers, pre-scholers, and kids.
Our puffs are baked, not fried, contain no MSG, no preservatives. Our snacks are affordable and can be purchased at your local baby stores, health stores, online stores and grocery stores.

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