In 2020, Alamii's founder felt uninspired by her trips to the supermarket to find the perfect snacks for her toddler and baby.
Most snacks she found were either local mass-market products or expensive imported snacks. These snack brands also tended to use artificial ingredients, flavouring and colouring.

So she took matters into her own hands literally and created healthier, and more delicious and affordable alternatives for her kids. And the third child was born, peanut butter puffs, as the first variant of Alamii Puffs.

Inspired to help other parents with the same struggles, she and her husband decided to launch Alamii Puffs in 2021 so that all children can have access to healthier snacks that breed healthier and happier lifestyles.

Alamii means one with nature, and that's why we’ll always keep our ingredients simple to let the quality ingredients speak for themselves when you taste our products.